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Text Box: The Blue Army

The Blue Army

also known as

Haller's Army,

 the Volunteer Army


The Polish Army in France

A Brief Overview

A synopsis of the history of the Polish  Army in France.

Haller's Army in the Ukraine


An Excerpt form "The Legendary Major Klee";
by Volodymyr Barahura

From "The Polish Way"

by Adam Zamoyski

An excerpt from page 334
Haller & the Blue Army

From "Bitter Glory - Poland and Its Fate"

by Richard M. Watt

An Excerpt from Chapter 2 - War and Peace in Poland

From "White Eagle, Red Star- The Polish-Soviet War"

by Norman Davies

An Excerpt from One Conflagration Among Many

Commentary on the Polish Soviet War

The Russian Viewpoint
by Joe Adamov
Correspondent for the Voice of Russia