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In this day and age, most web surfers are used to seeing, and often even expect to see, pay sites, or webmasters looking for donations, or hawking some product, or providing links to paid advertisers.


You will not see that at this site. Ever.


The kind of help that  I appeal to you for is help in the preservation of Polonia and it’s history.


If you have pictures, memorabilia, decorations, stories, books, letters, memoirs, diaries, any tangible piece of written or even anecdotal history that pertains to Polish Americans who fought in Haller’s Army, please contact me with a description of what you have and wish to share. So much of history needs to yet be told.


I will scan any photo, copy any document, convert any text to file and return any loaned materials to the original owner. Of course, submissions of good quality copies or image files or text files direct to this site via the Internet are always welcome.


Of course, should you be looking for a worthy repository of any such items, I assure you that any asset donated to this purpose will be properly preserved, made available to the public via the Internet at this website and properly accredited to the contributor or their designated loved one, such as a Haller’s Army Veteran.


Sincerest Thanks,

Robert Tarwacki



“Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela Poki My Zyjemy”


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